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Thoughtful Christmas 2013 Gift Ideas: Fun, Health, Time, Success, Financial Independence, Fulfillment & Popularity!

As Christmas approaches, many of us are looking for thoughtful gifts for our loved ones – something that they will really value and enjoy. If you ask yourself what gives you most pleasure in life, the chances are you’ll think of experiences rather than things. So we’ve put together a set of suggestions for online courses that can bring these special gifts to life:


Christmas Gift: Fine Art Classes

For people who like to enjoy themselves learning new skills, try Craftsy’s:

Fine Art Classes from Drawing Portraits, Figures and Landscapes in Perspective through to Watercolor, Acrylic & Mixed Media, there’s plenty to inspire the visual artist!

Food & Cooking Classes: Hone those culinary skills with choices ranging from specialist gastronomy courses in Decadent Chocolate Cakes, Bread Making and Croissant Making, through to popular cuisines such as French, Italian or Asian!


Thoughtful Christmas Gift: Sleep Hacking Online Course Thoughtful Christmas Gift: Meditation Online Course

Prevention is the best form of medicine! Here are some great ways to life a more healthy life:

Sleep Hacking: Give the gift of good sleeping habits with the added benefits of increased energy, greater optimism and a general improvement in well-being!

The Art of Mindful Relaxation: A series of guided meditations and helpful advice to help maintain peace of mind.


Thoughtful Christmas Gift: Time Management Online Course Thoughtful Christmas Gift: Productivity Online Course

We can’t make more of it, but we can make the time we have go further:

Productivity Mastery & Time Management: This course is designed for people who find that they daily workload often seems too much. It helps you identify priorities, set goals and reduce procrastination!

Productivity Booster: This course is for people looking to improve their time management both at work and in their personal lives. It provides strategies to improve your mental attitude and efficiency together with guidance for a new plan of action!


Thoughtful Christmas Gift: Career Mastery Online Course Thoughtful Christmas Gift: eBook Publishing Online Course

Online Courses provide a great springboard for people keen to make their mark on the world. Here are a couple of our picks, ideal for the ambitious:

Career Mind Mastery: Learn How To Get Your Dream Job: A Series of strategies for key subjects including: Interviewing, Negotiating Salary, LinkedIn, Influencing Others and Doing a Great Job!

How To Become a Bestselling Author on Amazon Kindle: For the budding author who just needs that little nudge to get their message out to the world! The author, Tom Corson-Knowles, share his years of experience appearing consistently in the Amazon best seller lists.

Financial Independence

Thoughtful Christmas Gift: Work For Yourself Online Course Thoughtful Christmas Gift: Entrepreneurship Online Course Thoughtful Christmas Gift: Build Your Own Website Online Course

For the entrepreneurial at heart, financial independence is just a case of learning the right skills. Here are some great choices:

How to Work for Yourself: Helps you focus your ideas and get started to turn your idea into an income!

How to Market Yourself as a Coach or Consultant: If you often spot way to improve things, this could be your new career!

Advanced Mind Mastery: The Science of Getting Rich: The science of improving outcomes, applicable to many areas of life.

Find Your Entrepreneurial Niche: If you have the entrepreneurial attitude but are still looking for the right idea, this course could set you on your way.

How To Create Your Own Website: How to build one of the most powerful tools in business- a website with the world’s most popular CMS: WordPress.

Finance for Startups: When everything is clear and you’re ready to go, time to secure the financing!


Thoughtful Christmas Gift: Piano Online Course Thoughtful Christmas Gift: Photography Online Course

With New Year’s resolutions just around the corner, now’s a great time to help your friends learn that new skill they’ve been meaning to master! Here are our picks:

Learn Piano Today

The Massey Method: Learn Spanish from a Former NSA Agent

Become a Better Photographer

Complete Guitar System – Beginner to Advanced

All the courses feature lifetime access to there’s no pressure and no excuses!


Thoughtful Christmas Gift: StandUp Comedy Online Course

OK, so this one’s a long shot but it goes to show that you can learn almost anything with online courses!

Ultimate Beginner’s Class to Learn Stand Up Comedy: As there’s always a self-appointed comedian at every Christmas Party, sign them up to this course and help them fine tune their act! – That way everyone comes away smiling!

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