Get Ahead with New Skills

For many people, the concept of a “job for life” is a thing of the past. Also, the pace of innovation is so fast in certain fields that some things that you learnt a few years ago may be outdated already. This is nothing to worry about – in fact, as long as you embrace the opportunities that we now have to keep learning over the course of our lives, this is a great opportunity: We can evolve and take on new challenges. In some areas of working life, innovations have created new areas of expertise which provide exiting opportunities for people keen to learn new skills!

Here are some new skills that you may wish to learn about:

Online App Store Optimization Course

App Store Optimization: Mobile apps are a multi-billion dollar industry and one of the main reasons Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the world. So there is clearly lots of money being made by app developers. However, now that there are thousands of apps on both Apple’s App Store (iTunes) and Google’s App Store (Google Play) it’s not enough to just submit your app. Now you should promote it as well and one of the best and most cost effective ways to do this is by optimizing your app’s presence on the app stores. Check out this Online App Store Optimization Course to learn how!

Online 3D Design Course

3D CAD (Computer Aided) Design: The manufacturing industry is undergoing a revolution due to the development of 3D printing. It’s already possible to print in 3D in a number of different materials. It’s expected that we’ll soon be able to print all kinds of objects directly at home. There is strong competition to develop the technology so the price of the printers and raw materials are coming down: It’s expected that soon the price and quality of the printers will convince many people to buy 3D printers for home, just like they did with 2D printers. There is expected to be an explosion in the use of 3D printing for both business and personal use. When this happens, 3D designers will be in strong demand! Check out these CAD Courses and Online 3D design Courses.

Online Responsive Web Design Course

Responsive Web Design: Internet users are going mobile! That doesn’t just mean that they are checking their email on their smartphones: Internet users now expect to be able to navigate websites on their smartphones and tablets. As making mobile devices is a very competitive market, there are internet enabled devices in all dimensions from smartphones, through “Phablets” (around 5”) through to “full size” tablets. So what size should your website be? The answer is that your website should be able to detect what kind of screen size the user has and then serve the site in a format that is optimized for that size. This is called responsive web design. Check out our recommended Online Responsive Design Course to learn more!