How to Get a Raise and/or Promotion with Online Courses

Here are some ideas for skills that can help you get promotion and/or a pay rise. We’ve also found some great courses to help you gain those skills.

Your Core Competency: One of the best ways to get noticed for promotion is to be great at the job that you’re doing. This will be different for each person so be sure to check out our list of subjects or advanced search. You see that for many of the subjects, we’ve recommended the best online courses to help you find the right course quickly.

Online Time Management Courses

Time Management: Mindful management of your time allows you to get more done with the minimum stress. This means that you’ll be more effective at work and you have time to take breaks and holidays, which means your stay fresh and motivated. Check out our recommendation for an online time management course.

Public Speaking Online Courses

Public Speaking & Presentation: In order to be considered for promotion it’s important to have the confidence to put yourself and your ideas forward in an assertive and eloquent manner, when the opportunities arise. For some people this comes naturally but for others it is a challenge. Fortunately public speaking is a skill that can be taught and the confidence come with practice. Check out our recommendations for online public speaking courses and online presentation courses.

Leadership: Often, as you progress through a company, you are expected to have leadership skills. This could involve anything from putting forward your ideas in a group discussion, through managing a small team to being the CEO of a large multinational, expected to define the company ethos and inspire the entire diverse workforce! Check out our recommendations for online leadership courses.

Online LinkedIn Courses

Networking: It’s no secret that many of the most successful people have achieved a great deal largely because of their strong network of friends and colleagues. In addition to forging quality relationships in our workplace, the internet provides hugely powerful tools to build and strengthen our social networks. One of the best for business is LinkedIn. Check out our recommendations for the best online LinkedIn courses.

Online Negotiation Course

Negotiation Skills: Many people feel undervalued or under-appreciated at work. The best way to fix this is to become good at negotiation: So you can achieve a fair deal for all your hard work! Check out our recommendations for online negotiation courses.

Good luck!