How Do Online Classes Work? / How to Take Online Courses

There are a number of different formats for online classes. Here’s an explanation of each work:

Self-Paced Online Course: Course materials are provided on an online platform. The courses are usually divided into “lessons/classes”, each with a clear outline of what you will learn. Normally you are provided with a user/password login to access the course. Often you have lifetime access so that you can take the classes at your own pace.

Scheduled Online Course: As with self-paced courses, course materials for scheduled online courses are provided on an online platform. They are also divided into lessons/classes although they are programed into a schedule so the courses have a pre-defined start and end date.

Webcam Teaching: This is when the teacher and the student(s) connect for a class via video, using webcam services such as Skype. This could be for a one-to-one class to learn subjects such as languages or one-to-many to learn subjects such as yoga. Webcam classes intended for groups are often scheduled so you’ll need to check your availability. If you’re arranging a one-to-one class you can usually negotiate a time that suits you with the teacher.

How to Take the Courses: In each case you usually need to sign up with the online learning platform to generate a user/password for access to their site. Then you find the subject you like and get started!

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