What are the Pros & Cons of Online Courses/Classes vs Traditional Classroom?

Like everything in life, there are pros (advantages) and cons (disadvantages) of taking online courses vs traditional classes in the classroom. Here’s our analysis:

Pros (Advantages) of Online Courses vs Traditional (Classroom) Classes

  • Variety of Subjects: There’s a much bigger range of subjects available to you as online courses than there are in the classroom, even if you live in New York!
  • Go At Your Own Pace: With online courses, you can study at you own pace. Some days you might not have any time to study, another day you could spend the whole day studying. One of the great things about online courses is that if you didn’t understand it the first time, or just need to revise something you forgot, you can watch the course again and you don’t have to bother the teacher! Also, if you learn fast, you can get up to speed in a subject in record time!
  • Flexibility: You can study an online course anytime and any-place you want – tablets and even smartphones are great for this! So you can make the most of your time waiting at the airport or take the course enjoying a coffee on an outside terrace!
  • Time & Money Saving: Traveling to and from the physical venue of traditional classes can take a significant bite out of your free time. You should also take into account the financial cost of the transport.

Cons (Disadvantages) of Online Courses vs Traditional (Classroom) Classes

  • Less Human Contact: When you take an online class, inevitably you’ll have less ‘real-world’ contact with other people.
    • If this is a concern for you and you’re considering a ‘Self-Paced Online Course’ then look out for the courses where the teacher is available to chat with students and answer their questions.
    • The issue is overcome by “Scheduled Online Courses”: Because many students have been guided to take the course at the same time, the platform can provide a vibrant community of students who chat with each other and help each other out: This has proven to be a very popular and successful solution!


We hope that Online Courses don’t fully replace traditional classes as it’s great to meet people and the classroom should always have a place in society! However online courses are giving us more possibilities than we’ve ever had before. Now we can learn almost anything we want at almost any time and for a very reasonable investment of time and money.

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