Who Should Learn Logo Design? + The Best Online Logo Design Courses

Logo Design is a fun job where you get to distil everything that a company is about into an attractive graphic. This can then be used in all kinds of company collateral such as Company Signage, Website(s), Clothing (eg T-Shirts, Polo Shirts), Products (eg Flash Drives) Letterheads Business Cards and even the classic Rubber Stamp!

The Best Online Logo Design Course:

Here is our recommendation RCO Best Online Courses Recommendationsfor the best online logo design course for beginners.

Logo Design Online Courses List:

Course ImageCourse InfoPrice
How to Design a Logo – a Beginners Course

Learn how to design a logo from client brief to finished design.

Self Paced Online Course | 41 lectures / 2.5 hrs | Full info at Udemy.com

Who Should Learn Logo Design?

If you’re great with graphics and also have an intuitive understanding of people and companies then learning logo design could be a great move! You’ll find that companies in most industries are keen to have a great logo to distinguish themselves from the crowd. Industries where logos are highly valued include: Online Store, Advertising, Startups, Restaurant, Travel Agency, Fashion, Interior Design, Insurance & Business.


Why Learn Logo Design?

A snappy logo can be a great asset to a company so if you can create great logos you’ll be in demand! Examples of the kind of skills you can learn include: Design Tips, Research, Inspiration, Effects, Logo Evolution, Usage Guidelines, Software (eg Illustrator, Photoshop, Gimp), Working with Vectors & Pricing.