Who Should Learn Gardening & Botany? + The Best Online Gardening & Botany Courses

Gardening refers to the organised tending of plants. This can be in many different environments right from the pots on a balcony or windowsill, a house garden, an allotment or an expansive estate garden!

Botany refers to the scientific study of plants and how they relate to their habitat, region or geological period.

Gardening & Botany Online Courses List:

Course ImageCourse InfoPrice
Aquaponic Gardening: Growing Fish and Vegetables Together

Grow an entire dinner right in your backyard! Safe, healthy fish and organic vegetables with no weeds or watering!

Self Paced Online Course | 55 lectures / 6 hrs | Full info at Udemy.com

Who Should Learn Gardening & Botany?

If you enjoy the tending plants and being outdoors then taking an online Gardening or Botany course could be a great choice for you! Gardening is a very healthy activity for everyone right from kids through to seniors. It provides exercise and promotes wellness & relaxation.


Why Learn Gardening & Botany?

In addition to the many direct health benefits of gardening, you’ll also do your part to help the environment! Examples of the kind of skills you can learn include: Gardening Tips & Essentials, Tools & Equipment, Flowers / Plants / Vegetables, How to: (Prepare Soil, Water, Take Cuttings), All Seasons, Gardening in Small Spaces, Food Storage & Gardening For Better Nutrition.