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This online course from Udemy is aimed at advanced Excel users. Having said that, the material is presented in short tutorials and students are provided with all the necessary excel worksheet examples, making it easy to follow and practice the lessons being taught. The course covers a great deal of ground so most users will discover new and more effective solutions to Excel tasks they are faced with, leading to increased productivity. The course shows practical solutions to typical ‘real world’ tasks to keep the tutorials interesting. The course is clear, well organized and the instructor (Guy Vacaro) is highly knowledgeable about Excel: Guy strikes a good balance by maintaining a solid focus on the topic whist throwing in the occasional aside of humour to keep the course engaging.

Note: The best way to follow the examples is to switch the course video screen to full size and follow along with the provided example Excel worksheets.

Useful For:

  • Improved use of Excel in the workplace
  • Consolidate & build on Excel skills
  • Advanced Excel functions and macros
  • Handy reference of advanced Excel features

Course Features:

  • Practical solutions to ‘real world’ tasks
  • Step-by-step examples
  • Example Excel worksheets provided
  • Power features such as Pivot Tables & Macros

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Greatly improved my Excel skills

A while back I was promoted from to a management position from a development position. I soon learned that my years of development experience were just about worthless and that I was going to spend most of my days as a spreadsheet jockey. I was being called upon to do all types of planning and forecasting. I knew what needed to be done, but I just couldn’t make it happen in Excel. I had used Excel for years, but only on the most basic level. I found myself spending hours and hours trying to do simple tasks. This included a lot of swearing and fist pounding as well.

I came across the Infinite Skills Excel courses and Udemy and decided to give them a try. I started with the Basic course and I started learning new things from the very first lesson. With each passing day, my job got easier and easier. Tasks went from taking hours to taking an hour, and then half and hour and then a few minutes.

I can now zip through plans and forecasts in minutes. I’m turning work in far ahead of schedule that looks better and is more polished than anything I had done before.

These two courses have made a huge difference in my life – Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I am now going on to the Learning Visual Basic for Microsoft Excel to learn even more.

I highly recommend these courses.

Review Published Sep-2012 at by Larry Sweet

Review Star Rating

Udemy Excel Review

The course is good and very well explained. One thing I would have liked to see is exercises (perhaps one set in each section) to test our skills.

Review Published Mar-2013 at by Cassandra Barns

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Review Star Rating

Excellent course for apply practical excel skills at the workplace

Well paced

Easy to Understand

Practical Content

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Nicholas Hong

Review Star Rating

Advanced Excel Training – Online Excel Course

The screen is not sharp and too small. The narrator has an accent difficult for me to understand

Review Published Sep-2013 at by James Ewins

Review Star Rating

Fully worth the investment, short succinct lessons with great explanations!

Already knew a fair share about excel and mainly look up formulas but I still found countless tips and tricks that everybody needs to incorporate into the repertoire. Videos are High quality and helped a ton that there were pre made workbooks to follow along with. Would take any class by Infinite Skills

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Mike Emerson

Review Star Rating

Clear, to the point

Instructor speaks clearly with solid knowledge. Pace is good. There’s just enough repetition to help learn, but not so much it becomes tedious. Would have liked to see more examples of nesting and combining formulas for advanced uses.

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Roberto Rocha

Review Star Rating

Very good course!!

Very good course with clear verbal communication and generally good working examples. Macro working examples need be more stronger/more complex though.

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Thomas Grogan

Review Star Rating

Great Course!

As a college grad I didn’t know the full capabilities of excel before taking this course but that’s definitely changed. I recommend this course to anyone that plans to use excel in their career.

Review Published Aug-2013 at by David Vargas

Review Star Rating

Infinite Skills Advanced Excel Training

One of the best courses I have ever taken. I think this course is better than if I had paid hundreds to take an excel course in the classroom.

The instructor explains everything step by step and it is very easy to follow his instruction using the working files.

I have learnt so much by doing this advanced course now I will start the Visual Basic for Excel course!!

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Obi

Review Star Rating


As a senior (and last year) at my university, I needed to take a Microsoft Excel class at an advanced level. I had been told that advanced level Excel skills were a must as someone who will be a future accountant upon my graduation.

The class far from disappointed. I liked knowing that I could review any lecture at any time (because I’m sure I’ll need to review a few things). I was able to understand the instructor’s accent pretty well, and was able to follow what he said just as well.

I suggested to a fellow accounting student in the past couple of days that he needed to take an advanced level Excel course – and recommended Infinite Skills to him. I suggest this course to anyone who is looking for an advanced Excel course (and also the certificate that comes along with it).

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Scott Kramer

Review Star Rating

Good Course

Very informative, already a competent user of Excel but learned some new tricks to bolster my performance with it. Worth it even if you think you are already competent.

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Randy Wilson

Review Star Rating

Incredible tool for entering business world

Really helped me polish up my skills before starting my full time job. Love having it as a guide I can pull up at any time. Worth the money.

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Cjgustafson22

Review Star Rating


Course material is put together in an easy to understand format. Each step in the learning events is repeated as a review of how to perform the event. Excellent instruction from Guy.


Review Published Aug-2013 at by Jsimmons

Review Star Rating

Advanced Excel Training

Very well explained, good pace and very useful to have the working files.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Tim Robertson

Review Star Rating

Yet another great course from Infinite Skills

I really enjoy this course on Advanced Excel. The concepts are very clearly explained and demonstrated in each video. Videos are, for the most part fairly short, so that each topic can easily be explained, in stead of overlapping with three or four new concepts at once. I highly recommend this course.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Brandon Finley

Review Star Rating

Excel Online class

The instructor was easy to listen to and to follow along with. He has a good sense of humor that slides in an unexpected way. The material was presented in a clear manner. The learner most assuredly needs background knowledge!

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Kerri Volk

Review Star Rating

Good coverage of worksheet functions

Worksheet functions, including text functions, are explained clearly using examples. An excellent course for users who wish to achieve more in Excel without resorting to VBA. Included example files are a nice touch.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Scott Milligan

Review Star Rating

Thorough coverage of the most commonly used functions

The sample files make it easy to to the exact same function that the trainer is speaking about. Most of the major functions are covered in this course.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by William McDavitt

Review Star Rating


The videos provide great explanations and the pacing is perfect. The files allow you to listen and practice, and check your work. I like to use the notes section to record my formulas for future reference.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Joel Sanderson

Review Star Rating

Been using excel for years

Took this course to see how my knowledge of excel was compared to an advanced course (and to “officially” know advanced methods in excel). And i found a few new tricks here and there from this course. Overall, pretty comprehensive course, would like to see more added under section 8 though, but the lectures there are good and where most regular users of excel would find a lot of benefit. I also recommend the VB for excel course that is done by this company for those of you looking to get into macros/recordings

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Peter Su

Review Star Rating

Great but wish there was a “test” at the end

Very clear instructions. Wish there was a “test” at the end though to help revise what we learnt. Learning something once is not enough.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Ang Yun-Xuan Ashley

Review Star Rating

Excel Excellence

An extraordinary course which starts with some basics and then progresses through some advanced options in Excel. The instructor uses the same method throughout the course: first, a general overview of the topic, then an exploration of where the topic can be found on the ribbon bar, then followed by what buttons are used in the process. Every lesson is closed with a summary. The only downside to this course is that the screen content is a bit too small to see, but the Excel work files used in the course are provided at no extra cost. The instruction on pivot tables is marvelous.

Review Published Jun-2013 at by David Layne

Review Star Rating

Good but not brillian

Learnt new stuff but many of the videos are ‘common sense’ than advanced training. for example formating the graph, changing the axis, and some of the examples are being repeated too many times. Good for emphasis but a bit over the top and I find I have to fast forward and skip some lectures because you kind of know how to do it –> shouldnt need a lecture on those in the advanced training

Review Published Jun-2013 at by Liuhao

Review Star Rating

Excellent and useful course

Clear, easy to follow, detailed and comprehensive survey of Excel 2010. If you are an Excel user with basic familiarity and want to know how to utilize more sophisticated features of Excel, including Pivot Tables, this is the course for you.

Review Published Jun-2013 at by Ilan Dor

Review Star Rating


My usage of excel has gone up exponentially since completing the beginner-intermediate and then the advanced excel training. I love Guy!!

Review Published Jun-2013 at by Katy Prochaska

Review Star Rating

Comprehensive step-by-step behavior of Excel functions

This is a solid course that goes into great depth on the Excel functions. No frills, clips along at a good pace. The equations could be bigger as I find them a little hard to read and replicate which causes many errors in my process, slowing me down.

Review Published Jun-2013 at by Keli Rae

Review Star Rating

Love the flexibility

I found the use of the videos and working files to be an awesome companion in learning everything that Excel has to offer. It has definitely helped me work smarter in workbook files.

Review Published May-2013 at by Christine Rmiki

Review Star Rating

Udemy Advanced Excel Training

I love the clarity and comprehensive nature of what is taught. There are a number of times that I’ve been working on something at work and realized that I’ve heard a solution in this course.

My work productivity with Excel has improved significantly due to what I learned with Infinite Skills

Review Published May-2013 at by Shawn Harris

Review Star Rating

This was an EXCELLENT course! 🙂

This course was VERY well organized, and VERY well presented!

The examples were great examples, and the instructor was extremely well prepared to present this course!

On a scale of 1 to 10, this course is a 20!


Review Published May-2013 at by Gregory L Ryan

Review Star Rating

practical knowledge

Walk through is thorough and at a pace that is easy to follow. I was actually able to watch the video and apply the lecture to a spreadsheet I was making for work so the practical knowledge that it presents is readily applicable to real world immediately!

Review Published Apr-2013 at by Anthony Schmidt

Review Star Rating

Took the mystery out of learning!!

This course was everything I was hoping for. The instructor went through every lesson using examples that were easy to follow. He went through the examples several times to reinforce the key points. The instructor also showed all the new features in Excel, along with how to customize a feature to suit your needs. Because of this course I went ahead and bought the VBA for Excel training course.

Review Published Apr-2013 at by Mark Sutera

Review Star Rating

Very Thorough

I like how thorough the instructor is and the short series of micro-lessons that are apart of the sections.

Review Published Mar-2013 at by Thomas Mazurek

Review Star Rating

Good Course

This is a good foundation for advanced Excel users. I gave it 4 stars as I felt there were some functions that could have been covered as opposed to how to remove certain items, which for an advanced Excel user should be known but otherwise I highly recommend this course.

Review Published Feb-2013 at by Jeffrey Clark

Review Star Rating

Udemy Advanced Excel Review

Presenter has pleasant voice, good explanations and perfect speed of delivery to grasp concepts.

Review Published Feb-2013 at by Beth Borrasso

Review Star Rating

Superior training course.

This course explains many of the excel actions that I use regularly but (until now) intuitively. The instructor takes the time to clearly explain how and why these actions work. As a result, I now understand how to properly apply them.

This course also introduces advanced actions and functions that are valuable additions to a power user’s portfolio of tools. Now I can use more appropriate tools for the job, instead of trying to cobble together solutions using only basic tools.

I benefited most by going through each lecture (sometimes several times). I found that even in the topics with which I was familiar, I learned how to explain them to others. I also emerged from the sections with more confidence that I have a thorough understanding.

Highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to use Excel for more than just a calculator. If you are like me, you will come out of the course wondering why you didn’t learn this earlier!

Review Published Jan-2013 at by Win Morgan

Review Star Rating

Awesome Training for Intermediate and Advanced Excel Users

Thought the training showed you the steps necessary for an advanced user to take off and run with the program. I’m sure I will use more classes like this.

Review Published Dec-2012 at by Edward Martin

Review Star Rating

Solid instruction to learn excel

I would have given it 5 stars if there were more practical uses for the functions taught. There are some, but not a lot and some of the functions didn’t seem to have a reason, but really do when building bigger spreadsheets. It was certainly worth it.

Review Published Nov-2012 at by Christopher Vecere

Review Star Rating

extremely informative

I’m almost done with the Advanced course and am completely satisfied with the instruction. This really gave me a boost at my new job and has increased my efficiency tenfold.

Review Published Oct-2012 at by

Review Star Rating

No sound

I regret I bought this course… no sound and it’s bad service. no one try to help me while I told them about it.

Review Published Oct-2012 at by May

Review Star Rating

Advanced Excel 2010

When I read the course outline, it seemed like the material was very complicated. The presentation of the lectures is very straightforward and logical. I had no problems following the material and recreating what I saw with the working files. It even inspired me to want to learn VB, so I’m going to search the Udemy catalog for a VB course! I hope I take another course with the same instructor – love the accent!

Review Published Oct-2012 at by Kristin Wirth

Review Star Rating

Well Done!

The advanced course matched the beginner/intermediate course in regard to the quality, timing and depth of the training. Thank you.

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Diane Carrigan

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