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This online course from Udemy is aimed at beginners to intermediate Excel users, providing a solid foundation in the key features of Excel 2010. The course covers a lot of topics so most long term users of Excel will also pick up a number of useful tips that they hadn’t been aware of. The instructor, Guy Vacaro, explains the concepts well, speaking clearly and with occasional humour, resulting is a pleasurable listening experience. The tutorials are broken down into short sessions, making them easy to digest.

Note: The best way to follow the examples is to switch the course video screen to full size and follow along with the provided example Excel worksheets.

Useful For:

  • Excel beginners
  • Excel intermediate users looking to improve their use of Excel
  • Handy reference of key Excel features

Course Features:

  • The instructor (Guy Vacaro) is easy to follow
  • Practical, step-by-step examples
  • Example Excel worksheets provided

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Good even for Excel users

I have been using Excel for many years, and still picked up a lot of things from this beginners course. The material was presented in a well organized manner. Clear and straight forward. Microsoft manuals/help is a nightmare. This was fantastic. If there was anything to knock, it would be the speed of the lectures (but that’s my fault for not using the pause button more), and some things being repeated more than I considered necessary. But again, it is a beginner course.

Review Published 08-Sep-2013 at by Charles Ramsey

Review Star Rating

Great option for home study for adult learners or anyone

At first I had read many of the problems that users were having and initially had some technical difficulty. But it seems all the problems were resolved and I only had one incidence where the website was not available. It is so convenient to study as you can, to have a ready reference for revisiting. The content is extensive and instructor is very easy to follow.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Gail Rouillard

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I have been using Excel for years and still picked up some things in this basic course I didn’t know. The instructor was very clear and a pleasure to hear. Thank you!

Review Published 27-Sep-2013 at by Megin Murphy

Review Star Rating

Best Excel Training for the Basics

This course is perfect for teaching the basics and some quick short cuts, I am very much looking forward to the advanced course.

Review Published 25-Sep-2013 at by Philip Hasterok

Review Star Rating

A very comprehensive review of features

I think Udemy did a great job comprehensively covering all the basic and intermediate features of MS Excel 2010 very well. The main reason I will not give them higher than 3.5 – 4 stars is because the video/screen images are blurry. Sometimes it is very hard to see what values, etc are.

Review Published 25-Sep-2013 at by Ann McPhillips

Review Star Rating

Inaccessible to visual learners

I am deaf and there is no captions or visual descriptions of whatever the explanations were regarding how things work. I learned nothing…

Review Published 27-Sep-2013 at by Barbara Hyde

Review Star Rating


I learned a great deal from this. The sections progress in an easy-to-learn order, and I was surprised how much I picked up in a “beginner” course considering I use excel everyday. Look forward to the Advanced version!

Review Published 19-Sep-2013 at by Monica Hare

Review Star Rating

‘Excel’ lent course!

Guy is on the mark with the training for this software. Now I just need to commit his teachings to memory.

Review Published 17-Sep-2013 at by Jsimmons

Review Star Rating

Excel 2010 Beginners/Intermediate Course

I think this is the best on-line course I have ever taken. I learned at my own pace and the material and instructor were superb!

Review Published 20-Sep-2013 at by John J. Hohenstein

Review Star Rating

Long, but Useful

A very extensive course that has been broken down to some very basics to some relatively decent intermediary steps. I’d recommend it to someone who needs to get at the basics of Excel but isn’t looking for very advanced manipulation.

Review Published 20-Sep-2013 at by Jeff Buford

Review Star Rating

Easy listening

The teacher has everything nicely paced. Then, any online course is best taken in short doses, which works well.

Review Published 20-Sep-2013 at by Timothy Morgan

Review Star Rating

Rick’s Review

Easy to follow along. I like the short lessons so I can stop at any time. This course taught many things I didn’t know about Excel.

Review Published 12-Sep-2013 at by Rick Horner

Review Star Rating

Excel 2010 Beginners/Intermediate Course

Great pace and explanations!

Review Published 13-Sep-2013 at by Juanita Williams

Review Star Rating

Excel 2010

Great beginner course. Instructor emphasizes key points over and over during lesson so you will not forget

Review Published 10-Sep-2013 at by Ken Allen

Review Star Rating

Easy and well laid out course

I found the lessons in this course easy to follow and they were logically laid out in proper order.

Review Published 06-Sep-2013 at by Hazen Hoffpauir

Review Star Rating

Even some of the Basics escaped me

Although I’ve been using Excel for years, some of the short cuts that I should have known were revealed to me in this course. One problem that I had was the inconsistent volume of the instructors speech.

Review Published 06-Sep-2013 at by Walt Childson

Review Star Rating

Excellent comprehensive learning tool

I have used Excel before but bought the courses as refreshers. The instructor was very knowledgeable and the short sessions were easily digestible.

Review Published 05-Sep-2013 at by Sylvia Mann

Review Star Rating

Excellent course, only problem look like need a higher resolution on the spreadsheet, not look to clear and is harder to look at the information showing in the pesentation

Review Published 05-Sep-2013 at by Lilia E Rivera

Review Star Rating

Solid intro, take notes

I enjoyed this course and as an ‘intermediate’ excel user I learned new tricks in even the most basic modules. It’s really helpful to see someone using Excel before your eyes and hear them explain why something might be useful. Just remember to take notes on formulas and workflows you like!

Review Published 27-Aug-2013 at by Cody Valdes

Review Star Rating


I’ve really enjoyed this class. I’m getting back into the workforce after 8 years, and need Excel explained to me in a clear step-by- step fashion, and that’s what this teacher did! Thank you!

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Andrea Byas

Review Star Rating

Just what needed

Great way to be introduced to excel. Before I was confused on how to use it properly. Just need some real world experience.

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Bcfrieden

Review Star Rating

Good Course

I found this course to be well explained. Some problems with technical, such as after listening to course it does not show up as completed. Had to enlarge to get a clear picture. But other than that it was very educational.

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Kimberlee McHatton

Review Star Rating

Thorough content, great teacher!

I found these lessons to be clear and Guy an effective and humorous teacher. I especially love that I will be able to come back to reference relevant modules forever, since some things I won’t use often. Thanks!

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Judykoplan

Review Star Rating

Clear, very helpful.

Very easy to follow instructions. Helpful, good pace. It would be helpful to have access to a cheat sheet for skills learned.

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Sarah Dryer

Review Star Rating


This is a wonderful course. Even though I thought I was good at using Excel, I can see that there was still a lot I didn’t know or at least shorter ways of doing things.

Thanks. I look forward to the Advance course.

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Janis Villa

Review Star Rating

Easy Learning

This course is very easy to follow and teaches all the ins and outs of Excel. It will teach a ton of features and shortcuts to make using Excel easier. I highly recommend this course to anyone who uses the program, for personal or business use.

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Jamie Glushko

Review Star Rating

Excellent course

This course provides a thorough explanation of how to use the basic and intermediate features in excel. The videos are well made and narrated, and the provided documents are easy to follow and understand.

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Eric Wang

Review Star Rating


Very well explained. If I forget, I can return to that lesson and review.

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Cindy Middleton,

Review Star Rating

Excellent course. Online the way to go!

Excellent coverage of Excel 2010. I have taken classroom Excel courses before but taking the course online and the ability to go at my own pace and to review lectures was a valuable advantage. The lectures were excellent and thorough with the instructor covering a lot of material. I wish I would continue to have access to this series for future. I took a lot of notes and that should help. I’m ready for the Advanced course!

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Maureen Gray

Review Star Rating

Learns Little Tricks

Even if you know Excel and think you know it well, there are still little tricks to learn that this course will teach you. Plus, this course information (mostly) works for 2007. It’s great because it helps you figure out where everything moved to on the ribbon in 2010. And when i move to 2013 I can come back here and take the course. I can’t wait. I’ve been having a blast!

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Stephanie Cosgrove

Review Star Rating

I can’t image any better tutelage program out there!

Guy’s presentation makes the material VERY easy to follow. Very thorough instruction, highly recommended.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Ray Miller

Review Star Rating

This Course is good

I have just started and the instructor is very easy to understand, he speaks slowly and clearly, and repeats so comprehension is easy.

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Paula Santarpio

Review Star Rating

Thanks, Guy!

All the elements that make instruction good: good material, good instructor, and well-constructed lessons. I hesitated taking a “beginners” course in Excel. REALLY glad I did take it!

Great job!

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Richard McDearman

Review Star Rating


The course has everything I ever wanted to learn how to do presented in a easy to follow format. It even gave me ideas to use on my current spreadsheets.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Tanya Burton

Review Star Rating

Excellent exposure to most Excel functionality

I use Excel extensively and was very pleased to find how much functionality is available that I can quickly and easily take advantage of using.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Rachael Litonjua-Witt

Review Star Rating

Great course

Very detailed with very helpful examples

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Cheryl Camenzuli

Review Star Rating

Microsoft Excel 2010 Course Beginners/ Intermediate

I am actively looking for employment and decided to refresh my skills with this course and other courses. It is the best self-esteem that I could give to myself. The courses are user friendly and easy to navigate. I would highly recommend Udemy for any interest that you may have and the price is great

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Debra Semolik

Review Star Rating

Great look into essentials of Excel

I really enjoyed this course on Excel. I’ve picked up a few, but this one by far was the best I’ve taken. Clear explanations, coupled with the files, made this course easy to follow. I was implementing what I learned immediately.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Brandon Finley

Review Star Rating

Outstanding series!

Even though I have been using Excel for as long as it has been out, and I was considered by many to be very good at it. I learned many many very important uses and features.

Very highly recommended.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Dlburg421

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