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This online course from Udemy provides a solid foundation of the key features of Excel 2011 for Mac. It is designed to be understood by beginners and progresses to more advanced topics using practical examples such as Sales Data, Contacts Storage & Expenses Sheets.

Useful For:

  • Learning Excel 2011 for Mac
  • Data Storage & Data Analysis
  • Reporting & Data Presentation

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  • Easy to follow
  • Practical Examples

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Very Handy

This course is perfect for anyone looking for a good introduction to Excel or persons who could use a refresher.

Obviously Excel can be as technical and extensive as you need it to be…with that said, this course does a great job at covering a range of applications that will allow you to optimize Excel at a general level.

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Matthew LaPorte

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Great overview

Gives new users a great introduction to the potential for using Excel to store, manage, and evaluate data.

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Steven E Parham

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Great Course

Excel is, in my opinion, one of the most complicated coding/organization programs ever, if you know nothing about coding and such. This course dumbs it down to the least common denominator while still effectively making it helpful to those who know coding well anyway. It doesn’t cover everything, but there is no one is the world who can. This course is still nearly neck and neck with perfection, knowing that perfection is an endless journey. There is nothing I could, nor would change about this course.

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Shawn Wolek

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I’m very pleased with the time I spent watching/working through the Excel 2011 for Mac Tutorial. This class is great for anyone with basic to intermediate knowledge of Excel (knowledge of Excel is VERY relative to the individual though). Personally, I had experience with Excel through grad school and work within the financial industry.

With this class I learned how to apply new formulas for different uses, gained an in-depth understanding of how to use formatting to make your tables look more presentable/usable, and learned how to utilize a quality data sheet to feed into other specialized sheets.

The instructor is easy to understand and never races through a subject. He did an excellent job covering each step and the working files that are included are a major added perk! The trailer to this class shows you exactly what you’ll learn. Well worth the payment!

Review Published May-2013 at by Paul Gentry

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Learning Excel 2010 for the Mac

A great primer to Excel, easy to follow, clearly explained and full of useful tips. Two thumbs up!

Review Published Mar-2013 at by Etienne Douaze

Review Star Rating

Great basic course

Assumes no prior knowledge but still useful to long-term users of Excell

Review Published Oct-2012 by Joseph Casey

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