Who Should Learn Make Up & Nails? + The Best Online Make Up & Nails Courses

The arts of Make Up & Nails have been around for thousands of years. They have evolved into multi-billion dollar industries with a huge variety of equipment and materials available to you. You can put your Make-up & Nails skills to good use in a wide range of scenarios, from helping your friend get ready for that special date, through working for major brands in retail to creating fantasy and wonder on the big screen and many things in between!

The Best Online Make Up & Nails Courses:

Check out the list below and look out for our recommendation RCO Best Online Courses Recommendationsfor the best online Make-Up course:

Make Up & Nails Online Courses List:

Course ImageCourse InfoPrice
Photoshop – Beauty Retouching

Learn how to improve your photoshop retouching skill and knowledge in 21 easy techniques !

Self Paced Online Course | 23 lectures / 1.5 hrs | Full info at Udemy.com
Fundamental Beauty & Contouring Technique

Danessa Myricks teaches the art of Face Contouring, using the 4 Core Concepts and extensive step-by-step demonstration.

Self Paced Online Course | 21 lectures / 1.5 hrs | Full info at Udemy.com
Mastering Color: Beautiful Makeup Techniques and Application

Danessa Myricks teaches how to harness the power of color through the application of Color Theory.

Self Paced Online Course | 34 lectures / 2.5 hrs | Full info at Udemy.com
Introduction to Lashes

Learn to apply lashes flawlessly through this step-by-step lash application crash course.

Self Paced Online Course | 25 lectures / 1 hr | Full info at Udemy.com
Decades of Beauty

Learn to create striking beauty looks from past decades like the1920s & 1940s. Each look has a chic contemporary twist.

Self Paced Online Course | 37 lectures / 2.5 hrs | Full info at Udemy.com

Who Should Learn Make Up & Nails?

If you enjoy making people look beautiful and/or interesting then taking an online make-up or nails course could be a great choice for you! Make-up artists are in demand in many areas including Fashion, Weddings, Movies, Television, Photoshoots, Events, Retail (Shops) and Headshots.


Why Learn Make Up & Nails?

Whether you intend to work freelance for in a company, agency or studio the skills you can learn in online courses will serve you well. Examples of the kind of skills you can learn include: Tips, How To Techniques (Make Eyes Look Bigger, Look Younger, Smokey Eyes, Make-Up For Particular Eye Colours, Flawless Skin, Eyebrows), Foundation, Primer, Eyeliner & Eyeshadow.