Online Course Review: CCNA 2013 On-The-Go Video Boot Camp With Chris Bryant (Udemy)

Online Course Review: CCNA 2013 On-The-Go Video Boot Camp With Chris Bryant

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Author: Udemy / Chris Bryant

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The online course CCNA 2013 On-The-Go Video Boot Camp With Chris Bryantfrom Udemy covers everything you need to obtain the Cisco CCNA certification. Topics include Hex, Decimal & Binary Conversions, EIGRP & OSPF Configurations, Routing & IP Addressing, Security and many more topics (See contents above!). The course is professionally produced with a clear and user friendly layout. The course is kept use to date, with new videos added as necessary, if the exam requirements change.

The tutor, Chris Bryant, covers all the necessary topics in an expert manner. His friendly and upbeat style ensures that the lessons are enjoyable. He also uses real world examples to keep the tutorials engaging. Chris provides additional value to students by using his expertise to answer questions posed by students.

Useful For:

  • To Pass the Cisco CCNA Certification
  • Handy CCNA Reference
  • Use Cisco CCNA Professionally

Course Features:

  • Lifetime Access – No Limits
  • Top Rated Instructor
  • Course Well Designed & Easy to Follow
  • Practical, Step-by-Step Examples
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Motivating, improving, and leveraging all done in style!

This course will motivate you to study daily and encourage you to succeed. There’s an entire community walking with you step by step, students just like you aiming for the same goal.

It improves your skills and knowledge of CCNA one video at a time. Ask questions, take notes, it’s the whole deal except a lot more affordable and from the comfort of your own home!

It gives you leverage over those who just study for the test! This course prepares you for real-life networking challenges not just to pass a test, but to build a strong level of confidence in your skills. Something a lot of other courses miss!

All that done in a very beautiful style! The layout is very user-friendly, the design is creative and colorful. You can access it from anywhere, using any device including iPads/iPhones and Off-line mode available too!

I recommend this course 100% to anyone embarking on any networking career.

Thank you Chris!

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Ali Ali

Review Star Rating

Great Content

I work in a data center and am trying to get the CCNA done by the 9/30 date. I read excellent reviews on Chris’ material on several sites and thought $44 is well worth the benefits.

So far the videos are great, Chris’ style makes the material approachable. The Cisco Press material is very heavy and dry and Sybex is less dry but just as heavy.

My only complaint is the “eBook” I was anticipating an epub type of delivery, instead it is an executable with encrypted HTML(I haven’t found a way to export the data yet). This is more my fault for assuming than it is Chris’ for the choice made.

All in all I am impressed. I will definitely be getting his CCNP material soon.



Review Published Jul-2013 at by Mitchell Turner

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Review Star Rating

Best CCNA course out there!

I’ve taking a few online and in-class CCNA courses over the last few years, and I have to say that for me, Chris Bryant’s delivery of the material was the most user-friendly to understand! Thanks Chris! I passed the CCNA certification, now I’m taking your CCNA security course. Do you have a CCNA Voice course out yet?

Review Published Oct-2013 at by Jeremy Baily

Review Star Rating



Review Published Oct-2013 at by Ernesto Barreto

Review Star Rating

Top quality course!

This is without doubt one of the best CCNA courses i’ve seen. My CCNA lapsed a few years ago and I’m just getting back in the saddle. Chris delivers a comprehensive course that goes into detail over and above CCNA standard and teaches you the fundamentals of networking but more importantly how they relate to real life network troubleshooting. Great tutor, great course and great value for money.

Review Published Oct-2013 at by Ken Parsons

Review Star Rating

Best CCNA course ever

Just passed my ICND2 875!! All thanks to this course. Chris is the best teacher. He really knows his stuff and knows exactly what we should know not only for the the test but for the real world. I also bought his CCNA Security and CCNP courses. I cant wait to start them!!!

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Ahmed Hanafy

Review Star Rating

Excellent CCNA Course

Love the level of quick detail it covers.

Review Published Oct-2013 at by Jean Marcelle

Review Star Rating


I just passed my ccent exam and am getting ready for the ICND2 exam

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Anne

Review Star Rating

Excellent Coverage of New Materials

Taking the old CCNA compared to this newer course shows how much more material Cisco is asking newer candidates to learn. Chris covered all of the topics nicely. I’m still waiting on the SNMP video but other than that it flows very well and will provide you the necessary tools/lessons to pass the new CCNA exam. Very well done Chris…

Review Published Oct-2013 at by Joseph Aviles

Review Star Rating

Excellent additional source of Cisco material

I just passed my ICND2 exam today CCNA now and it feels great. I read several books over the material, studied these videos along with CBT Nuggets as well and finally the transcender website is great. It wasn’t one or the other but a mixture of everything. Definitely know some IPv6 going into it, I was surprised!!! Other than that one key area for me it was a great combo of material covered. Keep making these awesome videos, as for me I’m off to the VOIP side of things now. Good luck to all and keep at it.

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Chris Holland

Review Star Rating

Review: Udemy Cisco CCNA With Chris Bryant

Chris is an excellent instructor with experience and he gives real-life examples all the time in addition to showing labs to explain somewhat dry theory.

OSV, Houston, tx

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Odd Steinar Vesteng

Review Star Rating

Passed the CCNA

This course is very helpful. And did a good job explaining the material for the CCNA

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Jareb Morgan

Review Star Rating

Got me through CCNA Routing & Switching

I had tried two or three other online video courses for CCNA before I discovered Chris Bryant’s Bulldog series.

The friendly way in which Chris addresses us all made me feel part of an actual class, as if I were in a classroom. It really kept my interest up and made me want to get onto the next lecture each time I finished one.

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Paul Willmott

Review Star Rating

Great Layout for those taking the two part exam with real world knowledge in One!

Chris does an excellent job explaining both the exam side as well as the real world implementation of the different topics to give you a solid ground for both worlds. I have since purchased the CCNA Security and plan to go through more of his courses. I would recommend him to anyone who has a thirst to learn the CCNA world and needs something not outrageously expensive!

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Ms. Cynthia Renee Bullock

Review Star Rating

CCNA Prep. More than I expected.

Chis has a great way of explaining and keeping the topic light enough to keep moving forward. I didn’t manage to make the CCNA test before the test changed, so I’m very glad to see the new videos in my queue now. Way to give added benefit.

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Vito Muñoz

Review Star Rating

5 stars

One of, if not, the best CCNA video series I have studied thus far!

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Eugene Savage

Review Star Rating

Awesome Boot Camp!!

This video boot camp is amazing! Whether you are brand new to networking or have some experience, these videos will help explain all areas of the CCNA in a manner that makes it easy to grasp. After watching many videos on this subject, it was refreshing to finally find one with a host that doesn’t put me to sleep. Chris does a great job of delivering the material while keeping his viewers engaged. I would recommend this video series to anyone that wants to pass the CCNA exam and trust me you can pass with these videos, I just passed mine today!

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Jeff Wagner

Review Star Rating

You should get this.

Chris does a good job with this series if you haven’t studied much I would watch the series at least twice and play with GNS3 before taking you exam. I just passed the CCNA 640-802 and I think this helped me with some of the little details I had forgotten, I actually ran out of time and still passed.

Review Published Sep-2013 at by William Schumacher

Review Star Rating

Just Completed the course!

Chris was great. I found the the labs to be excellent and the theory parts were feed to you in small chunks, which helped me get the most out of it.

I’ve scheduled the test for 10 days from now. One week off, then going for my CCNP

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Tommy

Review Star Rating

On par with Cisco ICND series

Took the ICND1 bootcamp in July. The information here is every bit as good as what the Cisco instructor presented.

Nice job Chris and co., thanks.

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Bruce Pollock

Review Star Rating

I would like to recommend this because it helped me pass my CCNA Certification, 958/1000.

I would like to recommend this because it helped me pass my CCNA Certification, 958/1000. Some topics such as HSRP and SNMP were not discussed on this Video Boot Camp.

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Manrito Gelaga Jr.

Review Star Rating

Great Help

Great videos, very helpful.

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Rolando Dy Buco Jr

Review Star Rating

Review: Udemy Cisco CCNA Online Course

Thank you Chris,

I see you have started posting the 200-120 course. This course ?is very good and you’re one of the few honest online study sites.

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Alvin

Review Star Rating

Fantastic course well worth the money

Chris’s way of teaching is very easy to understand I tried to use the cisco books and found them to be way too much detail in each section I just could not understand it all at once. Chris gives you what you need to know to pass the test. I used simulations software to simulate each lab so I could follow along with his labs while I pause the video. I can back the video up if I need to this is better then taking a expensive boot camp and much cheaper. I already signed up for his CCNP once I pass the CCNA.

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Kelly Levine

Review Star Rating

CCNA Studies

This is an excellent course that brings in to focus key areas within each topic. Chris has a great teaching style that holds your attention throughout the video making learning an enjoyable experience. I have no hesitation in recommending this study package to anyone considering it.

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Alan Wallace

Review Star Rating

Great content

Great content that goes above and beyond other training videos for the CCNA exam.

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Mr. David Robison Burgess

Review Star Rating


GREAT PRICE & EASY TO UNDERSTAND. I can pause the video and build the same lab topology on Packet Tracer as Chris goes thru each subject. CCENT was a lot easier to PASS with the help of these videos. Scored 899 in under an hour…ICND2 coming up!

Review Published Sep-2013 at by ANTHONY MOYA

Review Star Rating

Very Helpful

Speaking as someone just diving into networking this last year, the explanations given here are very well put together and straight forward.

What I would do to improve it would probably be to add a video in there on using the command prompt. Background understanding would help a lot.

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Joshua Stewart Killpack

Review Star Rating

Great explanations

The author knows the material inside and out, and often times makes jestful remarks as if he had made a mistake when in fact he’s using the mishap as a learning tool. Consistently upbeat, and accurate information makes this course worth every penny! Even twice the cost!

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Bojan Landekic

Review Star Rating

Just passed my CCNA exam today

Thank you Chris for your help. I would watch this and practice all the ICND 2 stuff in a lab environment so you can do them in your sleep. Thank you for a great class!

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Ian Castillo

Review Star Rating

Chris Bryant is Blessed and Blesses Others

Chris Bryant is easy to understand. He speaks simply, injects humor, and shares information step-by-step. His labs are very helpful and practical. His training tips work and are basic to build upon. He appreciates his audience. He makes his study materials affordable. He guarantees his teaching products and stands behind his work. He is encouraging and really wants others to succeed in the technology field. Chris is quite passionate about his career and supports charity; he invites others to “pay it forward” as well. He is loyal to his sponsorship and students.

Review Published Aug-2013 at by CHERITTA BROWN

Review Star Rating

Awesome Boot Camp To Earn Your CCNA

I actually took a CCNA boot camp week long class and I was frazzled by mid week. I have actually had experience in my own production environment at my current job but still was overwhelmed at the amount of information. After starting this online boot camp class I was amazed at how easy it was to take it all in at my own pace. And the ability to keep reviewing the info whenever I needed to was a huge plus! Great training at an unbelievable low cost!

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Jason Palmer

Review Star Rating

World Class Explanations

I have been in the Technical field for about 35 years and I am very particular about total UNDERSTANDING not just getting by and knowing some aspect of my work. This course is very clear and concise about the explanations to gain a full understanding which makes the CCNA test a non-issue to pass after a through review of these materials. Thanks for all your efforts Chris.

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Steven Snyder

Review Star Rating

Excellent methods

Chris Bryant explains things very plainly, demonstrates common mistakes and corrections, and does so more conversationally than most instructors I have seen. He is also very energetic, positive and supportive of his students.

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Ken Prewitt

Review Star Rating

Enjoyable learning

Chris Bryant is an excellent instructor and his teaching style keeps students engaged in active learning. I am enjoying this course very much. 🙂

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Clarissa Brown

Review Star Rating

Well explained and well motivated course

I have found this course well executed and thoroughly explained. It actually motivates me to learn more about computer networking.

Thank you very much and Chris you are the GURU

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Sarbrinder Gill

Review Star Rating


Mountains of practical information and lab work make this a must have training tool! Chris Bryant excels in making what can be seen as menial, meaningful, not to mention interesting!

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Tom Marshall

Review Star Rating

Great Course

This has helped me in my studies toward my CCNA, has opened my eyes and allowed the the knowledge to continue my studies.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Michael Pollard

Review Star Rating

Review: Udemy Cisco CCNA Chris Bryant

One of the best video packages I’ve used

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Virnell Jones

Review Star Rating

Best online course I have ever taken.

This course we well layed out, and Chris explains things in a way that can be understood. Plus he backs them up with real examples so you can see how things actually work. I am looking forward to do other coursed with Chris

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Brad Austin

Review Star Rating

Great course

Chris does a great job in explaining each detail necessary to pass the CCNA. I am looking forward to my future studies CCNP through the bryandadvantage courses.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Henry Perez

Review Star Rating


As always, Chris provides more than enough study material for his students. I have heard Chris accused of providing TOO much material. In my opinion this is a good reason to use his videos/study material. The CCNA is not an easy test and having thorough material is a must.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Christopher Duram

Review Star Rating

Got ccna skills?

This course has been a big help for my cram session, he has touched on real skills that I had not heard or seen before. This course is really good.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Michael Quinn

Review Star Rating

Easy to digest, “live” labs demonstrated

I have read many books on this subject in the past and have used a lot of online products. This product is by far the most straightforward and easy to understand, broken into nice manageable sections, and by far the cheapest. In addition, email support from Chris was immediately answered.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Cathy Spiegel

Review Star Rating

Excellent Study Resource

I am very impressed with Chris’ videos and his teaching method. It is easy to navigate around the udemy site too and works well on (apple) ios devices.

Hopefully once I pass the CCNA I will definitely continue with Chris’ lessons!

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Louis Dale

Review Star Rating

CCNA 2013 boot camp.

this class is really helpful. i enjoy watching and learning.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by T. Ray

Review Star Rating

Consider it ‘must have’ if you want to pass.

Thank you Chris. The labs are invaluable for cementing the concepts.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Russ Rowell

Review Star Rating

Better than my college CCNA courses by far

I took and graduated from the cisco web academy, and that taught me a lot about the fundamentals, but Chris Bryant connected those puzzle pieces better than my college teacher would have (no shame on the teacher intended)

The ONLY reason I certified for the CCNA years ago is because of Chris’s material, and I look forward to doing it all over again (yay) with his new study material 🙂

A real guy, making light of what is viewed as a heavy subject, I wish he taught everything under the sun.

Thanks again Chris, you are the $%$(ENF man 🙂

Review Published Jun-2013 at by David Anderson

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