Online Course Review: Become a Certified Web Developer (Udemy)

Online Course Review: Become a Certified Web Developer

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The online course Become a Certified Web Developer from Udemy provides a solid foundation in the key programming languages used to create modern websites: HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. This course is ideal if you want to gain a foundation in the key web development programming languages. It’s also useful for experienced coders that would like to refresh their knowledge or apply a more structured approach to their work.

The instructor Mark Lassoff is a gifted teacher: He’s done a good job of breaking down the complex world of web development into bite size, easy to follow steps. He has structured the course in a logical progression, using practical examples. His amenable personality also makes learning about programing fun!

Also, the ‘lab’ exercises provide opportunities to try out your coding skills and give your practice troubleshooting.

Useful For:

  • Foundation in Web Development Languages
  • Refresher for Professional Developers
  • Handy Reference of Key Concepts

Course Features:

  • Lifetime Access – No Limits
  • Top Rated Instructor
  • Example Working Files Provided
  • ‘Lab’ Exercises to Practice Your Coding

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Review Star Rating

Fantastic Course!

I purchased this course about a month ago. The things I like about this course are:

-Mark presents the information clear manner.

-Mark has a knack for breaking down complex material into easily digestible bits.

-Everything is broken down into sections, and everything can be downloaded and reviewed after each lecture.

-Each chapter has a lab that can be completed in order to reinforce material. That really helps reinforce the material learned.

Answer keys are provided so that you can see how well you wrote your code.

I find my self challenged and engaged for the first time in a long time.

-Its very much like going to class.

In short, this is a great course and I actually look forward to studying HTML,CSS, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to learn web development.

Review Published Apr-2013 at by Gabriel S Valdivia

Review Star Rating

Very nice basic instructions on web development

After completing this course, I would not dare calling myself a “Certified Web Developer”.

However this course have given me great insight into a before closed and mysterious world, and I am confident enough to now change the code on my WordPress website.

The most useful part of this course was, to me, the section about HTML and CSS, which will help me a great deal onwards.

The Javascript section gives a good look into how these small applications can be made on a website, but can only serve as an inspiration for me to learn even more.

The PHP section is by far the hardest to get, however it made me look at web pages like facebook with different eyes.

After completing this course I am ready to learn much more general and Web Programming!

My only critiques of the course are these:

1. Many of the php and some of the Javascript Labs, are simply too hard to solve with the information given in the preceding videos.

2. Often the solutions of the Labs require knowledge from the previous sections, which can be hard to remember and retrieve if you do not want the re-watch old videos.

A solution to my critique number 2, would be to make a short written recap in the end of each section of what was learned also including the code, then it would be easier to retrieve that information later on.

Review Published May-2013 at by Morten Hannibalsen Olsen

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Review Star Rating

Everything is explained

I particularly enjoy the teaching style of Mark Lassoff. I started with knowing absolutly nothing about web development. I can’t believe how much I have learned in such a short time. I also didn’t realize how much I would enjoy such a course. Mark – I really hope you have some other classes so when I am finished with this I can move forward to learn even moe detailed stuff.

Thank you for creating such an enjoyable and informative course.

Suzanne D.

Review Published Oct-2013 at by Suzanne Dean

Review Star Rating

Perfect for beginners and developers with some experience

I have been working in web development for 1 year. This course is an excellent refresher of my knowledge and also I am learning some new techniques. It is an excellent course for beginners and for developers with some experience but who need to organize their ideas and knowledge.

Review Published Oct-2013 at by Jor

Review Star Rating

Awesome course

It is a really good course, but it would’ve been better if Mark had made a website tutorial at the end covering all the important topics of this whole course.

Review Published Oct-2013 at by Basit Zahid

Review Star Rating

Great course!

This course teaches you everything you need to know to get out there and develop your own stuff on the webb!

Review Published Oct-2013 at by Rickard

Review Star Rating

Good Entry Course for Developers

Good course for beginning developers, covers the basics to get you started. The labs take time to do but are worth the time. Really helps figure out what types of mistakes you make and how to troubleshoot your own mistakes (through the lab exercises).

Review Published Oct-2013 at by Greg Howard

Review Star Rating

Gets the Basics across.

Mark delivers the basics clearly and accurately but doesn’t go into many detailed examples or any examples to tie the Javascript and PHP sections together: it’s in this respect that this course being 3 courses combined shows most. Further reading would definitely be required before you could make full use of the knowledge gained while undertaking the course.

It would have been nice if Mark had gone into more detail about creating layouts for pages in a manner that would be consistent across pages on your site.

Overall, the course is easy to follow and, so far as my usage has gone so far, accurate. However, expect to do more reading around the subjects to be able to fully implement them in a website.

Review Published Oct-2013 at by Sean Kenny

Review Star Rating

Very Good Beginner Course

This course was great, very thorough, and great for beginners.

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Tyler Stauss

Review Star Rating

Great course

It covers HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP at an introductory level. The explanation is clear and the guy explaining the topics is fun!

It’s a course to get into a beginner level of programming experience in all these languages!

Review Published Sep-2013 at by John Jairo

Review Star Rating

Certified Web Designer

This course improved my web design and gave me a treasure trove of materials and teaching style ideas to use to teach my course at CCSU. Thanks Mark….

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Steve Ambrosini

Review Star Rating

Much good overview but not as deep as expected

Good presentation of the fundamentals but don’t expect to be ready for a job in web development upon completion…

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Yuriy Kravets

Review Star Rating

Great for students and people looking to expand

This class is great. I really liked how it starts and explains the basics and along the way gives your leads to look into other options for the future. Really good course for students or people looking to make a change. Its gets into the good stuff and explains why things are happening instead of just doing it.

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Jason Knowlton

Review Star Rating

i want to refund. i don’t find it useful for me

Review Published Sep-2013 at by PRENCELYN AVELINO

Review Star Rating

Good pace, good subject matter, good instructor

If you’re learning web development, you could do much worse than taking this course.

Mark breaks it out into bite-sized chunks, and makes the subject matter fun and engaging.

Before you know it, you’ll be through this course, and on to developing web applications!

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Derek Koch

Review Star Rating

Awesome for Beginner.

Best lesson for beginner, I will always recommend this course.

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Md. Shameem Reza

Review Star Rating


This was a good experience of mine, thanks.

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Esolutionpark Team

Review Star Rating

Very Informative

This was a great course, I thought I knew enough but I did learn a lot more…

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Cervantes Designed

Review Star Rating

Helps me create a site from scratch.

This pretty much covers everything I need in developing a website. I’m currently creating a website now and all these happened because the lectures were concise, easy to follow in a no-frills teaching method.

Definitely worth my time and money.

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Arnel Colar

Review Star Rating

Great course

Great tool to learn HTML, CSS, a little bit of Javascript and PHP! Thanks Mark!

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Rafael Freaner

Review Star Rating

Great Course!

Great course goes over everything you need to know to get started developing web pages!

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Craig Eason

Review Star Rating

iPhone5 offline videos crash if it gets on full screen

It will be great if you can fix it. I want to learn on the go as well!!! In Laptop tutorials are great.

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Priya Chowdary

Review Star Rating

This class was extremely helpful

I started this class with very little little experience, as the only type of coding I had ever been given was Java in high school. Upon completion I can honestly state that I feel confident in the basic knowledge of all three codes, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, and how to take these three codes and use them together to be able to pull off any type of programming that I could envision in my head. Thank you Mark Lassoff, and you honestly are one of the best instructors I have seen

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Patrick Pickard

Review Star Rating

course review

It’s all here – in easy to listen to and understand video lectures. Labs notes for downloading. Work at your own pace. I love it.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Julia Stagg

Review Star Rating

Love the way he teaches!

I get it! No, really I get it… finally! Have tried other online classes for HTML and CSS but get completely lost…too technical or not technical enough. Mark just makes sense with his examples. The pace is perfect, excercises and ‘homework’ helps alot with retention. Great foundation for beginning web developers!

Review Published Jun-2013 at by Kathryn Caplis

Review Star Rating

Jennifer Long

Great Course! I love how they walk you through step-by-step.

Review Published Jun-2013 at by Jennifer Long

Review Star Rating

I went from 0 to Developer….!

Thanks to this course I learn everything I needed to start my New Career (and now My New Passion which in Software Dev).

Looking forward to learn more from Mark. He explain things like a real Pro…

God Bless

Review Published 05-2013 at by Javier Camacho

Review Star Rating

Become a Certified Web Developer – Review

Having run my own web design/development company, I had the knowledge and skills in sales and marketing but was lacking the technical knowledge in how a website is constructed and made. What I was seeing is that many of my own designers were not up to scratch and lacked a "can do" attitude needed to work in a web design company. Hence I decided to take the step into web development myself. Having completed the course I am now able develop websites with great quality skills that I have gained on this course. Mark is a great trainer who is able to explain and teach things to students of all skill levels. I am very grateful for the skills I have gained and will recommend this course to anybody wanting to learn web development.

Review Published Apr-2013 at by Prashant Vallabhai

Review Star Rating

Coding Empowerment – Alternate Name For This Course?

For me this course has been highly empowering indeed, as I now have total control in my hands the way I want my web dev projects to go. It has given me a solid foundation on which I can build further and specialize in the skill of my choice. It has given me a very clear picture, the opportunities are wide open before me now.

I highly recommend this to anyone looking to enter the amazing web dev arena or empower themselves with the raw coding power.

Review Published Apr-2013 at by John Brahma

Review Star Rating

Easy and Clear to Understand!!!

I have gained a lot from this course and Mark makes it simple and easy to follow. Would recommend this course to anyone wanting to program.

Review Published Apr-2013 at by Eric Vasquez

Review Star Rating

Great course

Mark Lassoff is a gifted teacher, he explains everything logically and clearly.

Review Published Apr-2013 at by Steven Hayward

Review Star Rating

Become a Certified Web Developer

Mr Lassoff is very thorough.

Have a couple of his other curses that I am looking forward to.

Review Published Apr-2013 at by Lon F Jarrell Jr

Review Star Rating

After getting a degree

After getting a degree in web development I have taken this course. Your probably thinking “Is this course worth the money?”, in my opinion it is well worth the money. I wish Mark could have taught all the code courses that I had to take while earning my degree.

I earned my degree Summa Cum Laude, which means in the top 5% of my class and I must admit that I have learned things in this course that were vague in my formal education. So I reccommend that if you desire to learn web development and have the will to keep pushing on complicated subjects, take this course. It is well worth the money. This is my opinion and it is freely given.

Gregg S. Hasenjaeger

Review Published Apr-2013 at by Gregg Hasenjaeger

Review Star Rating

Quick, Comprehensive, and Complete

This program was worth every cent I paid into it. I didn't feel like I was wasting time watching worthless videos, I felt guided through the learning process by someone, Mark, who spoke my language and made everything simple and easy for me to understand and digest.

The foundations for all of the program languages and techniques were well executed and poignant in what I was hoping to accomplish by paying for this class. I am glad I finally found something worth investing in!

Using Mark’s videos as a baseline, I’m looking forward to (and already have) working my way through many more courses.

Review Published Apr-2013 at by Anderson Matlock

Review Star Rating

Become a Certified Web Developer – not so difficult after all!

I’m always trying to learn new things and web development is something I’ve always been attracted to. When I decided to dig in deeper, I found that Mark has a wonderful teaching style that makes learning a seemingly complex subject, pretty darn easy. Due to Mark’s depth of knowledge on this topic, I feel very confident that I will have a good understanding of all the topics covered when I get to the end. I highly recommend this course to anyone at any level of knowledge.

Review Published Apr-2013 at by Carol

Review Star Rating

Great Course! Perfect foundation for Web Development.

I took this course with prior knowledge and schooling in web design and development. I can honestly say that Mark is one of the best programming instructors I have ever encountered. He makes the material easy to understand, he is clear and concise with his teaching methods, and he definitely makes the material enjoyable. If you are new at web design and development or just need another take on the concepts for a refresher, this course is worth every penny!

Review Published Apr-2013 at by Marc Duroe

Review Star Rating

Excellent for Beginners

A well paced course that lays down good foundations in the programming and development languages being taught. Mark also introduces some really good tools which I am now using to develope my own site. If your like me and had some experience with the technologies in the curriculum and want to get a better understanding, then I would recommend the course, also would be ideal for beginners. Good course structure and great instructor

Review Published Apr-2013 at by Noel McKeown

Review Star Rating

Best for Beginners

I’m a computer engineering student and I started learning web development with this course which (I think) is the best for start up. There may not be everything you want about coding, in fact it can’t be. You have to make projects and learn the other details by yourself. As i said at the beginning i think its quite good for learning basics of programming skills. Thanks.

Review Published Apr-2013 at by Engin Gönül

Review Star Rating

Really complete and satisfactory course

I’m enrolled in this wonderful course. I really find it complete and well explained. I took a lot of courses in the past but i think that these lessons are the most complete, easy to learn and satisfactory I followed.

Review Published Apr-2013 at by Paolo Corghi

Review Star Rating

Awesome, Fast, Simple, Thorough!

This is my first experience using Udemy mark is an excellent teacher and I am looking forward to learning more from him. He is very attentative to questions, and the Frequent Labs Keep you Building your knowledge in a complimentary way.

Review Published Apr-2013 at by Andrew Durocher

Review Star Rating

My first course!

I had previous books about HTML, PHP and JAVA but never before such a good explanation and samples that i could learn how to and the difference between the codes. Thank you Mark Lassoff

Review Published Apr-2013 at by Karel Willems

Review Star Rating

wish I could download all the non vid files for ea section on my ipad or an option to email e the files for that section and then I could copy n paste text from email into an app where I could edit, even better have a way to view the text in the udemy app and a function for editing and writing txt and viewing in browser mode.

Review Published Apr-2013 at by SJ

Review Star Rating

Certified Web Developer Course

I don't have a programming background, but I have found this course very easy to understand, the videos are great, and the fact that I can watch the lessons on my Mac, iPad, and now Iphone make it even easier to take the course anywhere I go. I recommend it to those of you who want to learn more about web development, or any other programming course, I’m already looking forward to take C Programming for Beginners on udemy.

Keep up the good work!

Nicolas F. Bolanos

Review Published Apr-2013 at by Nicolas F. Bolanos

Review Star Rating

Simple and informative

Im only 30% through the course and already feel I have learned more than i did at my class at college. I personally enjoy how Mark explains all aspects of whatever it is he is covering so that you learn clearly what does what. I recommend this to anyone wanting to learn how to develop for a website. I also think the course works great as refresher course for professionals.

Review Published Apr-2013 at by Angel Cordero

Review Star Rating

Excellent training course

I have only gotten through the first section so far, but the way that Mark presents the information and answers your questions is great. The information is detailed enough to follow and he does not leave things out like you might see in a book.

I am looking forward to completing the class and will likely take other classes that Mark offers.

Review Published Apr-2013 at by Rob Howard

Review Star Rating

Amazing course!

Thi course is very very well structured, the teacher Mark Lassoff is very competent and has a real passion for teaching, all this creates a very useful course for anyone who wants to become a web developer!

Review Published Apr-2013 at by Matteo Hertel

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