Online Course Review: User Experience: The Ultimate Guide to Usability (Udemy)

Online Course Review: User Experience: The Ultimate Guide to Usability

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Author: Udemy / Dr David Travis

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The online course User Experience: The Ultimate Guide to Usability from Udemy is focussed on website usability. It does a good job of taking the complex world of User Experience and breaking it down into logical and easy to follow online course. It is designed to empower you right from the start of the course with UX techniques that you can use on your own current projects. It is a comprehensive course covering all the major strategies in UX to get users to engage with your website / user interface. Virtually all of the material and references are downloadable.

The instructor Dr David Travis has a relaxed, confident style. He makes good use of analogies and entertaining examples to make the tutorials engaging and easy to follow. David provides added value by using his UX expertise to respond promptly to student’s questions.

Useful For:

  • UX Best Practices
  • A Career in UX (User Experience)
  • Complementary Skill for Web Dev / Designers
  • End to End Overview of the UX Design Process

Course Features:

  • Lifetime Access – No Limits
  • Top Rated Instructor
  • Well Structured Course
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Real World Examples

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Review Star Rating

Great introduction to theory. Even better for teaching practical application.

I found this course to be very useful in both giving me an understanding of the principles of user experience and also how to go about applying those principles.

Before starting this course, I had already done a lot of reading on user experience. While I found the subject fascinating, I was also overwhelmed by the huge amount of information and how wide a field UX actually is. This course is very useful in giving structure to the knowledge and is fairly comprehensive in what it covers.

The course is not just theory, in fact what makes it 5 stars in my view is the fact that Dr. Travis actually walks you through a number of methods that are central to the UX design process.

As for presentation of the course, everything was set out very well (considering it was a user experience course, should be expected). In addition to being able to download all the slides and a transcript of the course, there are also a large number of links provided for further reading as well as templates and other resources.

Overall, a very positive experience and I would highly recommend it.

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Farrukh Bandey

Review Star Rating

User Experience: The Ultimate Guide to Usability

This course is very comprehensive. It combines end to end thinking with real-world knowledge and a touch of humor.

The course interface is brilliant. It combines a large viewing screen with a sidebar that contains a note-taking module, materials bin and class questions queue.

The materials are assets. They can be downloaded and used in the field when one gets stuck. As it is, UX is still in its pubescent years (as far as a recognizable position, with defined workload and responsibilities, in most companies) and this course rounds out and defines what those workloads and responsibilities are.

My only negative would be that I would like to see these principles and techniques applied in a real-world example from end to end.

But for what this is, it is mind-blowing. Thank you, Dr. David!

Review Published Mar-2013 at by Ryan

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Review Star Rating

Extremely Comprehensive!

This is an excellent course! I lead a small web development team (7 people strong) and while we don’t have the resources to implement all the tactics, we’ve implemented a few!

Excellent for product/project managers, quality assurance professionals, and software engineers!

Wonderful detail throughout each section, this is well worth the investment!

Review Published Oct-2013 at by Louis Camassa

Review Star Rating

Will Make Me a Star or Get Me Fired

..and if it’s option “B” that’s probably just as well!

This course is absolutely filled to the brim with ways to improve our product process.

Review Published Oct-2013 at by Kevin Bjorke

Review Star Rating

Thorough and easy to follow

Excellent guide to usability, with a thorough and esy to follow approach.

Review Published Oct-2013 at by Pontus Andersson

Review Star Rating

Review: Udemy User Experience

It’s well organized, easy to follow and comprehensive. Gives you a good foundation. A conceptual framework to understand what UX is and opens your mind as the way you have to think to produce well designed products that communicate well with humans.

Review Published Oct-2013 at by Lidia Boiso

Review Star Rating

Great Course

I have learned a lot about user experience and hope to put it to good use. I look forward to more courses from David Travis. Well done.

Review Published Oct-2013 at by Gregg Hasenjaeger

Review Star Rating

Fantastic UX Course – Highly Recommended!

This course was really great. Everything was explained in an easy to understand way and it was really detailed and comprehensive. The materials were visually rich, which made them easy to absorb. Also, the way that David presented was outstanding, as it felt like he was talking to you on a one-to-one basis. His style was nicely relaxed and he obviously also has a great sense of humor (which shone through in his teaching).

The support materials are really comprehensive and I really liked the fact that he provides access to practically every bit of material that is used and referred to.

The program took a little longer to complete than I was expecting but I look at that as a big bonus and a consequence of the material that he shares being so detailed, engaging and interesting.

I truly believe that anyone (no matter what level of experience they have) will gain a massive amount of value from this course. As you can probably tell, I absolutely loved it. Thanks David, you did a fantastic job and I can’t wait till your next course is released.


Review Published Oct-2013 at by Jon Yon

Review Star Rating

Great course

Very elaborated and well explained. Good structure for improving UX.

Review Published Oct-2013 at by Claudia Campos Hogan

Review Star Rating

I cannot fall in love with this course

I love the topic, but the course feels old

Review Published Oct-2013 at by Andreas Turcati

Review Star Rating

Sign up to this course – you will not regret it!

I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone that has any interest in improving on site performance and design.

Clearly Dr David Travis is a skilled communicator and has the ability to present topics in an engaging and uncomplicated manner. I liked the constant examples and analogies that helped me relate to topics.

This course has inspired me to keep on learning and discovering all things UX.

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Dean Henderson

Review Star Rating

A great introduction

This a great introduction to many aspects User Experience

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Ian Stokol

Review Star Rating

Excellent overview of UX Design

I looked all over the internet to get a concise overview of what UX Design was all about. I couldn’t find anything until I came upon this course. It was worth every penny. This course answered every question I had about UX Design. I now feel like I have a path to follow.

Review Published Sep-2013 at by Ash Waechter

Review Star Rating

If you want to know about UX design…sign up to this course

I’ve been on a number ux design and usability courses. But this course not only has taught me so much more, it’s given me a better structure to my approach and massive of other sources that I can visit in order to improve my skills and help my clients. I would not hesitate in recommending this course to you.


Review Published Aug-2013 at by Karen Peters

Review Star Rating

Review: User Experience – The Ultimate Guide to Usability

Covers a lot of topics in a profound way. Many Thanks!!!

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Wen Geng

Review Star Rating

Exactly what and how I expected and better.

This course if structured in the best possible way. I have been searching the web for online courses that are tailored like this and was disappointed till now. But this gem is right how I expected and wanted this course to be. Plus David makes it a fun and informal learning experience rather than a boring read through.


Review Published Aug-2013 at by Surya Saurav Mishra

Review Star Rating

Learnt the ins and outs of UX

The contents are explained in a very comprehensive way. The instructor is very responsive, often answers questions within 1 day. Definitely recommend the course to web designers seeking to understand and implement UX.

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Edward Chung

Review Star Rating


“If you decide to take this course, you will follow a user-centered general approach (based on ISO-9241) that allows you to tackle a project at any stage of development. You’ll have a pretty good sense of what you should start worrying about at that moment. In my case, I could also finally see some real examples of how research is done. (Reading papers is nice, but seeing someone doing it is better. There’s no secret, that’s a cognitive legacy from our cavemen ancestors. Damn you, evolution !).

All I need now is practice, practice, coffee, and more practice. The huge advantage is that I’ll always have the possibility to ask David more questions, while I’m trying to follow his advices and working on my own projects, or the ones from the company I’m working for. He’s always had the right wise words and replies to every comments within 24h. Being able to get direct feedback from your Professor is a true luxury. I wish I had more course setups like that back at the University…

And finally, and the end of the course, you’ll have the opportunity to receive weekly reminders of what you’ve learnt and how to apply it with your current projects, now that you have a better overview. Isn’t it sweet ?”

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Mathieu Bernimont

Review Star Rating

Very Crisp, Clear and Concise

I was sceptical in the beginning about online courses that are conducted so widely. I got to this through the STC UX group when a member pointed to this website with great feedback.

I am glad that I did the course. Now, I can think of exploring the Usability field further to add to my professional expertise of Technical Documentation. That was my main idea of doing the course. Also, I wanted to refine my website with the help of these lectures. I did some work on it during the course.

Thank you for the great course. I hope to attend many more from you in future too.

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Shubha Kumar Srivastav

Review Star Rating

Great course – would recommend to all

Very good online course about Usability. Lots of content and even hands on training which made it enjoyable and fun to undertake.

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Emz Howes

Review Star Rating

The complex UX subject is made simple by Dr Travis.

If you want to seriously understand the subject than this is the place to learn. There is lots of jargon in UX world but everything is very well explained and whole course is beautiful organised. I have read couple of books and took some online courses but this course stands out well above. I couldn’t find any unnecessary information which would clatter learning process and confuse you. Dr Travis is very passionate about the subject and you have a feel that he is always around should you need a help at any point.

Review Published Aug-2013 at by Almir Atlic

Review Star Rating

Great UX Class

I found this class extremely valuable in providing the user experience fundamentals and evaluation principles. I now have the confidence to re-direct my upcoming development cycle for mobile applications and take over the management of my agencies website development.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Daniel E. Gardner

Review Star Rating


This is probably the best and most practical UX training you could ever do. David is engaging and calls on his vast experience to give real world examples and easy to implement methods.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Libby Heasman

Review Star Rating

A great time saver

I suppose as most students, I didn’t know much in what UX consists – for me usability was about usability inspection only. Some experts already reviewed the course content and the reviews are very positive, so I won’t speak about the content. What I can say is that David explains clearly everything, all seems logical and all flows well. I was surprised how much David participates in the course. You can ask questions, he added new contents and even organized a webinar. I also liked all the books / sites references. An excellent course.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Jerome Mouneyrac

Review Star Rating

Extremely enlightening for any strategist

I thoroughly enjoyed taking this course not only from a learning perspective but the ease-of-learning that Dr. Davis Travis provided throughout the course. I could have used this course 2-3 months ago before embarking on hiring strategic consultants to work with our company without the benefit of doing the Contextual Inquiry first. In either case, I will definitely integrate the learnings here to my strategic process.

Thank you!

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Long Tran

Review Star Rating

Review: User Experience, the Ultimate Guide to Usability

This course is right to the point. It is presented in a very nice way, with very good examples. It covers all the issues concerning User Centric Design and User Experience. Even if English is not your native language, it is very understandable. As an extra bones, all the presentation sheets and the transcript of the course are downloadable. Very good course!

Adrian Hondema

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Adrian Hondema

Review Star Rating

Great course

Gives you all the insight you need, if you are starting out, and is a great refresher if you are already in the field. The course has tons of examples and pointers to additional resources for self-study, and David Travis has a great sense of humor.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Bettina Kast

Review Star Rating

Excellent course

This course is fun, easy to understand and comprehensive. As a marketing professional, I feel that it opened my eyes to another dimension of the customer experience and I am extremely happy that I took the class. Dr. Travis is witty,engaging and most importantly knowledgeable. Take this class…you will absolutely not regret it.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Nicole V. Scott

Review Star Rating

Review: Udemy User Experience Ultimate Guide

Professionally delivered with great content.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Stephanie Arndt

Review Star Rating

Excellent Course

Dr. Travis has created a very thorough, very engaging overview of the UX Lifecycle, with lots of great real world examples and war stories from his own considerable experience to illustrate the guidelines and techniques he teaches you. Well worth the time and money.

Review Published Jul-2013 at by Dr. Deborah J. Mayhew

Review Star Rating

User Experience course with Dr David Travis

As a relative newcomer to this field I found David’s course well paced, informative, and extremely helpful in applying the theory into practice. In addition to the lectures there were a number of helpful templates that I will use in my work to help establish habits of best practice. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to gain a useful overview of UX processes.

Review Published Jun-2013 at by Maxine Ramsay

Review Star Rating

Best course on UX ever

This is the best course I have ever done and the most complete one on UX. I am already doing the new course on how to carry out an expert review.

Review Published Jun-2013 at by Renata Baldissara-Kunnela

Review Star Rating

Interesting and Informative

Great course with lots of useful information and real world examples make the lessons taught very easy to understand. Downloading the worksheets and actually thinking about the concepts in real context help to keep you engaged, as does David’s sense of humor which makes the course entertaining.

Review Published Jun-2013 at by Emily Pinney

Review Star Rating

Great technical perspective.

This course taught how to analyse good design technically and how to conduct user testing and evaluation of results. It explains the principals of iterative design very well. Gives perspective to scientific methodology to evaluate design.

Review Published Jun-2013 at by Meghav Mehta

Review Star Rating

Great summary of UX basics!

The Ultimate Guide to Usability is a well-structured online course about the basics of User Experience Design. During the course I really had the feeling that Dr. Travis is guiding me. I recommands this course to everybody who wants to repeat his knowledge or wants to start diving into the field of UX.

Review Published Jun-2013 at by Ines Li

Review Star Rating

Very well done!

I took this course as a web application developer looking to learn some UX basics in an effort to bring in more User Experience design aspects to my work environment, and I have to say the course exceeded my expectations with what I learned. Each lesson teaches you something useful and the exercises actually make you think about what you are learning.

If you are thinking about taking a course in User Experience, this is the one. Dr. Travis answers questions promptly and provides a wealth of information in the form of external links, suggested readings and downloads. I would not hesitate to take another course from him.

Review Published Jun-2013 at by Alan Hurt

Review Star Rating

Absolute worthy

You get 1A quality introduction into UX practice

Review Published Jun-2013 at by Georg Köhler

Review Star Rating

UX course review

It’s a very good course to start building better websites. Now the second step is a UI course..

Thanks for the course.

Review Published Jun-2013 at by Joao Carlos Da Silva Henriques

Review Star Rating

An excellent, extensive and in depth course

If you’re a designer or programmer looking to broaden your skill-set with in-depth knowledge of User Experience, you’ll love this course. The author shows and demonstrates all the important UX knowledge in a language and way that will allow you to use them right away. The Udemy website allows for questions and they are answered within a short period. The author often points reader to excellent blog-articles (sometimes his own). Usually someone else wanted to know the very same thing and did the research or has the data to provide the answers. All in all an excellent course.

Review Published May-2013 at by Marco Kramer

Review Star Rating

Brilliantly insightful

I have always found it more difficult to understand the simple as opposed to the elaborate. This course offers fantastic insight into how a good design is based on logic and a bad design evolves not through intent but via poor processes. I have been so impressed by this course that this week I felt compelled to interrupt my wife’s evening TV schedule to show her the lecture on red routes – it was a hard sell initially but she found it really fascinating as well.

Review Published May-2013 at by Matthew Brown

Review Star Rating

Brought my entire team up to speed.

This brought my entire Agile development team up to speed on how to integrate customer development/feedback into a user centered design process. MUST HAVE for engineers.

Review Published Apr-2013 at by Tyler Dylan Brown

Review Star Rating

Filled with nuggets of learning.

David takes learners on a journey through the User Experience discipline that includes videos, comics and stories. In addition to a great presentation of key UX concepts, this course provides a wealth of reference material that practioners new and experienced will find use for.

Review Published Apr-2013 at by Caroleigh Deneen

Review Star Rating

Very comprehensive overview

Plus: Covers all the material, every thing relating to user experience and usability. Easy to follow. Very knowledgeable instructor.

Minus: Would have been good to have more of a step-by-step flow that mirrored what companies do in real development cycles. Would have been nice to have the option to get a single PDF for the entire course. Would have been nice to have a PDF with sample forms to fill-in that we can use when doing it. A few too many English idioms and cultural references.

Review Published Mar-2013 at by Brandon Fletcher

Review Star Rating

Value for money, and Dr Travis knows what he is talking about

Brilliant course! I would highly recommend it, if you truly want a great understanding of the User Experience process!

Review Published Mar-2013 at by Enor Anidi

Review Star Rating

Usability put into context: a course that walks the talk

This course goes beyond simply introducing usability related ideas. It puts everything into context: 1. it frames each concept and tool into an iterative user-centred design process, 2. describes the purpose it serves and 3. explains how it relates to previous and subsequent stages of the process. In the end you get a solid foundation to tackle projects with users in mind step by step.

In addition to such a clear structure, video lectures are peppered with a dash of humor here and there and some funny examples, which make ideas even easier to remember.

On the technical side, HD video lectures, slides and worksheets can be downloaded in case you preferred following the course outside the Udemy platform.

In my honest opinion, Dr. Travis did an excellent job creating a useful and memorable course to get acquainted with user experience.

Review Published Mar-2013 at by Adrián Toporcer Korec

Review Star Rating

1 word to describe this

AMAZING, this have changed the way I think about many things.

Review Published Mar-2013 at by Clasesdeguitarra

Review Star Rating

simply ux FRIENDLY

quite brilliant, intelligibly, simply ux FRIENDLY 😀

Review Published Mar-2013 at by Katarzyna Wróbel

Review Star Rating

Comprehensive, well-structured, well-presented. Bravo!

The depth and breadth of content covered in this course is seriously impressive. All of the major UX techniques are covered in a way that anyone could take this advice and apply it to their own projects or organisation. The presenter is knowledgeable and likeable, and the examples are entertaining. If you want to learn how to do user-centred design, this is the course to get.

Review Published Mar-2013 at by Matthew Magain

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