Who Should Learn Publishing (Inc Digital & Ebook)? + The Best Online Publishing Courses

Publishing has been revolutionised in the last decade! You no longer have to submit your carefully crafted manuscript to the traditional publishers and hope to gain their favour! You now have the power entirely in your hands to publish your book and have it distributed through major channels such as Amazon (including Kindle), iBooks Author and many more.

The Best Online Publishing Courses (Inc Digital & Ebook):

Check out the list below and look out for our recommendations RCO Best Online Courses Recommendationsfor the best online publishing course to match your requirements: Publishing for Kindle or Comprehensive.

Publishing (Inc Digital & Ebook) Online Courses List:

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Course ImageCourse InfoPrice
eBook Creation Tutorial The Art Of Successful Publishing

eBook Creation and Publishing Tutorial . Learn The Secrets of Creating Profitable Digital Publications. ePub Made Easy.

Self Paced Online Course | 58 lectures / 5 hrs | Full info at Udemy.com
How To Become a Bestselling Author on Amazon Kindle

Learn how to make money writing with this complete guide to writing, formatting, publishing and marketing Kindle ebooks

Self Paced Online Course | 46 lectures / 8.5 hrs | Full info at Udemy.com
How to Write a Great Book Fast

A fun and easy-to-follow course on writing and publishing delivered by Mindy Gibbins-Klein, founder of The Book Midwife.

Self Paced Online Course | 8 lectures / 1 hr | Full info at Udemy.com
Publish Your Book On Kindle

The ultimate training to get your book on Amazon. Learn to publish your eBook, boost your credibility & get more sales.

Self Paced Online Course | 98 lectures / 13 hrs | Full info at Udemy.com
How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks

Self-publish at Amazon, major retailers and your own sites with free online tools taught by an expert indie author.

Self Paced Online Course | 21 lectures / 8 hrs | Full info at Udemy.com
Learn Acrobat XI

Learn how to master creating, editing, and building the best and most robust PDF documents with Adobe Acrobat XI.

Self Paced Online Course | 78 lectures / 10 hrs | Full info at Udemy.com
Adobe Acrobat X Professional Tutorial – Learn The Easy Way

Master Acrobat X. Create a PDF then edit and share it. Acrobat X does so much more than you think.

Self Paced Online Course | 82 lectures / 8.5 hrs | Full info at Udemy.com
Write and Publish Your Book – Step by Step

Everything you need to know to get your book written, published and sold to your readers!

Self Paced Online Course | 68 lectures / 3 hrs | Full info at Udemy.com
Kindle Publishing 101 – Cash in on Kindle!

How to make a living by publishing profitable ebooks on Amazon Kindle, even if you’re not an author!

Self Paced Online Course | 12 lectures / 2 hrs | Full info at Udemy.com
Self Publish Weekend

Learn how to self publish this weekend

Self Paced Online Course | 43 lectures / 5.5 hrs | Full info at Udemy.com

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Who Should Learn Publishing (Inc Digital & Ebook)?

These online courses can help you publish books of many different kinds, including Children’s, Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Biography, Non-Fiction & Thrillers. Learning Publishing is particularly useful for Authors & Writers of all ages (Young/Teenage and Adult), Publishers, Academics and anybody with a great book to share!


Why Learn Publishing (Inc Digital & Ebook)?

Learning Publishing can give you skills you need to take that book you’ve created out of the (virtual) drawer and share it with the world in a professional way! Examples of the kind of skills you can learn include: Tips, Publishing Terms, Process, Creating Ebooks, Quality Improvement, Resources including Software, Publishing on Amazon, iBooks Author, Smashwords, Rights, Royalties & Publishing On Demand.