Our Goals & Our Commercial Relationships

We created Right-Course-Online.com as a platform to evaluate learning resources from many different sources and to find the best resources for each subject: To create a valuable “Go To” site when you want to learn a new skill.

In the process of building up this resource, we have established relationships with a number of providers. Some of these providers have an affiliate program that Right-Course-Online is a member of. This means that in some instances, when a user clicks through to one of the providers featured on our site and makes a purchase, the provider pays a percentage of that purchase to Right-Course-Online.com. This is what funds Right-Course-Online.com and it enables us to keep developing the site into a more and more useful resource for people who want to develop their skills.

Right-Course-Online.com is a Member of the Following Affiliate Programs:

Udemy.com, Craftsy.com & Amazon.com

Right-Course-Online.com is also a member of Google’s Adsense program.

Having said that, money is not all powerful! We want everyone to have a positive experience using our site:

Our Primary Goal is to help people quickly find the best resources to learn the subjects that most interest them. With this in mind, you’ll find that some of the resources are labelled with the Right-Course-Online.com “Recommendation Icon”, like this:

RCO Best Online Course Recommendation RCO Recommended: Best Advanced Excel 2013 Online Course

As each platform is different, we use a number of different indicators to help us pick out and recommend the best resources. These include:

  • Direct Experience (We Love to Learn Too!)
  • Student Reviews & Ratings
  • Number of Students Taking the Course
  • Additional Miscellaneous Factors
  • Feedback From Our Users (See About & Contact Us)

We’ve provided this information in the interests of transparency. If you have any questions or comments about our relationships or recommendations please contact us at: [email protected] and we’ll be happy to respond!